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Pet quality kitten: $1500 CAD-$2000 CAD

Show quality kitten: $2000 CAD-$3000 CAD

Kittens with Breeding Rights: start from $5000 CAD (only for friended breeders or by referral)

Deposit for holding a kitten or being on the waitlist is $500 CAD

Deposit for holding a kitten is non-refundable

Deposit for being on the waitlist is refundable

The quality of a kitten is determined based on TICA show rules.

Pricing: Text

With the Price

All kittens leaving our home will have:

TICA registration papers, litter certification.

2 sets of vaccinations, 2 times regular deworming, and veterinary health records.

Two-year no genetic health issue guarantee (e.g. HCM and FIP are NOT included IF you have other pets at home and this kitten is NOT indoor only).

Forty-eight hours health guarantee after rehoming.

All kittens will be altered (spayed/neutered).

New Parents Instruction Handbook.

Starter kits including: food samples, treats, and toys.

Life-time support and advice from the breeder also included.

Pricing: Text
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