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A Little About Myself

How I Became a Ragdoll Breeder

Everyone starts their breeding programs for one reason or another. Mine’s simple. I was fascinated by Ragdoll for their appearance and character. Sure, you do. No one can say “No” to these deep blue-eyed angles with silky coat.

I have passion in animals. I grew up with tons of pets like dogs, hamsters, fish, birds, rabbits, etc. I bring home any animal that was injured and nurse them back to health. I have volunteered in animal shelters since I was in high school. I would definitely change into a veterinarian major if I have failed my Statistic course in college. However, I grew up with four dogs but I had no cats because I had a stereotype in them. I thought cats will never get close to people.  

I changed my mind in 2014 when I attend my first cat show in Ohio. At the moment when I was holding a Ragdoll in my arms, I became a cat lover.

I had my first Ragdoll in 2016. He was a retired seal bicolor male with fantastic bone shape and mask. He was retired at the age of one and a half because his weight was unhealthy. His breeder told me that he spent all day chasing girls so he could not eat well. I named him “Shemi” and in Chinese it means sago, one of my favorite food, hoping he would gain some weight. I studied pet nutrition and gradually changed his diet. After two months, I finally felt his soft belly which made me proud of him.

Recall those days with Shemi, he loves to run around my house like crazy. He watches me working in front of my computer like a little boss. He wakes me up every morning with purrrrs an kneading. He likes to be hold but he refuses my kiss all the time.

Shemi is a show-quality cat I know that for sure because it was written on his TICA certification. So, I brought him to a cat show in 2017, that was how I learned more about Ragdolls, about their patterns, their colors, and the true beauty about them. Shemi did not win much love from the judges in the show for his size was too small (9 lb at the age of 2 and a half). And I was told that the size of him might be affected by too much stun job. My poor boy! One idea popped into my mind of a sudden: I can be a better breeder than the breeder that sold me this boy. I, therefore, started my small cattery with Shemi's name.


So, when the question comes up to me “How Did You Get Into Breeding Ragdolls?”

I would answer:

Ragdoll gives me so much love and happiness. I want to share it with other kind people who love Ragdolls as I do. I will NEVER let the same kind of sad things which happen on Shemi happen to my future cats. I will make my cats healthy and happy, making them great character for they can live happily ever after in their new home.  

Here, I take my oath on all my Ragdoll kids.

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