When You Bring a New Cat Home

Please Read The Following Article From The Ragdoll Fanciers Club International  :


The Things We Used


Our adults have been raised on raw food (Haretoday, RadCat, Darwin's) and Canned Food (Wellness, Fromm, Weruva).
Dry Food Recommendation: Orijen, Fromm, Acana
Goat Milk: Primal


We only choose Freeze-Dried treats for our cats. (Brands: Inaba, Bravo!, Vital Essentials, Pure Bite, Orijen)

Bowls For Food and Drinking

We use ceramic plates (not bowls to avoid stains on their coat). Please do not use plastic bowls for either food or drinks for they might hold oils and odor which can cause feline acne.
We use ceramic bowl for water. Remember to clean the bowl and give them fresh water everyday.

The Litter and Litter Box

We use World’s Best Cat Litter (Clumping Formula). I recommend dust-free litter. Clay litter may cause dirty nose on your kittens.

We use large hooded cat litter box. Ragdolls are large size cat. Litter box should be big enough for them to move around inside the box. Hooded litter box can cover the smell of their poops. Clean the litter box regularly or odor may exist. Clean the litter box once a month.

We recommend Litter-Robot.  

Vet Care and Vaccinations

All kittens from our cattery have a 2 year warranty (from day of birth) against inherited genetic disease or congenital defect. Find a vet that you are trust of, take them regularly for general health check is important to your kittens.

Kittens has received two sets of vaccines before leaving the cattery and make sure you keep these current vaccines with annual boosters.

All our adults receive health check twice a year at VCA Met Vet West Animal Hospital.